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" R. Bruce mixes outrageous observational humor with catchy melodies and fluid finger picking... "
Washington Post

" I am now the self-appointed (non-executive, unpaid) president of his U.K. fan club. We play his albums at parties, and when everyone knows the words, it's even funnier because it is part of our lives. "
Ian Gillan
(an unparalleled voice in Rock and Roll... Deep Purple, Jesus Christ Superstar, etc. and so on).

" He's dedicated his life to the service of the only two things in life that are worth anything, that's music and humor. Humor is his "band". "
John Starling
(Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter... Seldom Scene, etc. and so on).

" A unique voice in a crowded field "
Freelance Star

" Between his comic songs, Bruce's hilarious musings about life, love and the state of the world kept the audience in stitches. "
Salt Lake Tribune

" Not only can he make you laugh... as a songwriter, he's actually quite good. "
The College Music Journal

" R. Bruce is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated performers at this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival, bringing his quintessential R. Bruce mix of stand-up and musical humour to eager audiences. "
Brigette Stone
Inpress Magazine, Melbourne, AUS

" His songs are bordering on genius. "
Phillip Brady
Night Line, 3AW Melbourne, AUS