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R. Bruce first took the stage professionally at a coffee house night in a YWCA in the late 60’s. The details are lost to time, but it began a career that has spanned over four decades.

He headlined many of the top and most of the middle and bottom comedy clubs in the US as well as many music venues. He also performed in the UK and Australia.

He never did get the hang of the business side of the business.

What does he do now? He makes up funny songs and sings them for people. If you get a chance, go and listen to him.


1953 Born in Newport News, Virginia.

1969 Began performing original songs in coffee houses.

1973-1974 Won the Newport Towers Award at the Peninsula Arts Association juried art show in Newport News, Va. as well as other awards in local art shows.

1974 Associates Degree Commercial Art at Thomas Nelson Community College then further study toward his B.A. at Old Dominion University

1975-1976 Began solo music career in earnest in Austin, Texas. Performed with Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson, John Prine, Willis Allan Ramsey, Gary P. Nunn and others.

1978 Wrote and recorded the regionally successful country single, “Let’s Give Virginia Back To The Indians”. The song was a favorite on over 150 jukeboxes and received airplay on country music stations in Virginia.

1984 Set the new sixteen-pound line class World Record for a type of fish called tautog. Was elected to the board of governors of the Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fishing Association.

1989 Recorded a collection of humorous original songs entitled “Album?” which was featured regularly on the internationally syndicated Dr. Demento radio show.

1990 Entered 28 day in-patient rehab April 16th for alcohol dependency. Completed rehab and continued clean and sober through today (still).

1991 Published articles on tautog fishing in Virginia Game and Fish magazine, and on Pompano fishing in North Carolina Game and Fish magazine.

1992 Began performing in comedy clubs at the feature level and was headlining within a year.

1993-2003 Toured. Headlining in the US, Canada and the Cayman Islands. Designed some of the artwork for R. Bruce comedy show tour t-shirts, posters and album covers.

1997 Recorded the CD “Still Laughin’”. It was also featured on the Dr. Demento radio show and the song “Dysfunctional Family Reunion” was included in Dr. Demento’s “Basement Tapes” compilation CD in 1998.

1997-1998 Was the spokesperson and hosted the tournament awards presentations for the International Sport Fishing Association.

2002 At the age of 48 became a runner, participating in races and completing the Richmond Marathon in November 2005.

2000-2010 Performed G rated show for Fredericksburg First Night Celebrations every New Years Eve.

2004 Tour of Pubs in Southwest England in December. Ending by setting the attendance record at the i.e. Theatre in Axminster, Devon.

2005-2008 Touring in the U.S. predominately. Released the CD “Late Bloomer”, a combination of live and studio tracks and the CD “Double Bill” a live album with comedian Matthew Lumpkin.

2008 Performed his “Late Bloomer” show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Melbourne Australia from 30 March through 13 April.

2009-2012 Less touring- more family responsibility, and spending more time in Australia as well as other traveling. A lifelong interest in nature developed into a passion for birding and bird photography. SiriusXM satellite radio play his songs on a daily basis on their comedy channels.

2012 Moved to Australia to be with his children and grandchildren. And he is still making up funny songs and singing them for people, but not all the f**king time.